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Holiday Camp

July 4 to 6, July 10 to 14, July 18 to 20, July 24 to 28, July 31 to Aug 4, Aug 8 to 10, Aug 14 to 18 2017

  • Exciting and fun themes for children 3 to 9 years old, 9:30am to 1:00pm.
  • Each session involves 1 hr playtime in Gymnastics Gym, 1 hr playtime in Adventure Maze, and 1 ½ hr of activity time according to theme of the day.
  • Wear sport shoes, bring water bottle and snacks.


Monday’s Theme

  • Jam Tarts (July 10, July 31, 17)
    • Children get to dip their hands into flour and butter to make and decorate mouth-watering jam tarts from scratch. Children get to bring home jam tarts.
  • Melting Peanut Cookies (July 24, August 14)
    • Children get to make their own peanut cookies from scratch; they get to mix the ingredients, form into small balls, glaze with beaten egg, and decorate top with half peanut. Children get to bring home the cookies.

Tuesday’s Theme

  • Young Science Explorer (July 4, 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15)
    • Children get to experience with various interesting science experiments (lava lamp, tornado effect, afterimage, snow making, ice cream, telephone cup, invisible ink, foamy mountain, etc.), they get to build some experiments and bring them home.

Wednesday’s Theme

  • Land and Water Formations (July 12, 26, August 2, 9)
    • Children get to learn about different land and water formations that make up the Earth. They get to use clay to make a land and water formation model that they can bring home.
  • The Solar System (July 5, 19, August 16)
    • Room decorated with models representing The Solar System and fun facts about each planet.
    • Children get to learn about The Solar System and make a model to bring home.

Thursday’s Theme

  • Blast Off (July 13, 27, August 3, 10)
    • Children get to build their own rocket using recycling materials. They get to customize their own rockets by decorating to their likings. Children get to launch rockets into space and bring them home.
  • Paper Making (July 6, 20, August 17)
    • Children get to make their own plain/color paper from recycling papers. They get to decorate the paper and bring home their self-made papers.

Friday’s Theme

  • Dinosaurs (July 14, August 4)
    • Children get to learn about different types of dinosaurs include meat and plant eaters, marine and flying reptiles. Use flour dough to make fossil of different types of dinosaurs.
  • Earth & Volcano (July 28, August 18)
    • Children get to learn about the Earth’s crust & Volcano.  Build a mini volcano with lava model to bring home.
Here are the rates:
One session -- - RM120*     Three sessions -- - RM320*     Five sessions -- - RM490*    *exclude gst
Children currently enrolled in our gymnastics gym or Montessori Playgroup will receive 10% discounts applicable to the above rate upon signing up any of Young Explorer Holiday Camp sessions.
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