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One of the most effective ways to introduce gymnastics to children is to teach skills in a non-competitive environment.  And when they are ready for more serious type gymnastics, their bodies and movements will do the talking.  Here at Young Explorer, we provide both introductory and intermediate gymnastics programs for kids from the age of as young as 1 year old up to 15 years old.  Our age-specific progressive programs fill with movement, learning, cooperation, excitement and joy.  Each age-specific curriculum builds upon the next one.  Children progress at their own pace, developing their self-esteem as they develop their skills.

Below is breakdown of Young Explorer age-specific gymnastics program:
Age-Specific Group
Junior Beans      :               12 to 20 months old                        Frogs                     :               4 to 6 years old
Beans                    :               20 months to 3 years old              Explorers             :               6 years and above  
Bees                      :               2 ½ to 4½ years old                        Survivors, Elite  :               Based on selection only

The Junior Beans and Beans are our only Parent-Child classes.  In these classes, our instructor serves as parent’s guide, as you and your child work together on performing basic gymnastics movement in a totally safe and fun environment.  Together, you will practice variety of movements that help develop your child’s balance, body coordination and awareness. 

For the Bees and Frogs, they are ready to make a huge step by participating in classes without parents involved.  Their programs are structured in a way where gymnastics, physical activities, games and other aspects of learning are combined with a good amount of cheer factor. 

For the Explorers group, we encourage the kids to take steps in progressing towards a more challenging way of learning gymnastics where they get to improve their motor skill as well.

For the Survivors, this is the group whereby they are ready to take gymnastics a little bit more serious than the others.  Enrollment into the Survivors is purely based on selection only.

For the Elite, this is the group whereby they are ready to take gymnastics skills to the next level.  Enrollment into the Elite is purely based on selection only.

In addition, for Frogs, Explorers, Survivors age-group, we have extended classes which add an extra 30 minutes to some classes.  This is to encourage development of selected gymnasts to improve their basic strength and skills with the hope of advancing further in gymnastics.

YEah! is a term we use to describe the free play time created as an extra benefit to those who are currently enrolled in our program.  The kids need to be accompanied by an adult during the free play time.  Currently we have 4 reserve slots in our schedule just for the kids to enjoy themselves in the gym.  This is FREE to gymnastics gym members only.

OpenGym is free play gym time open to public in the gymnastics gym.  A nominal fee is charged per entry.  Parents are required to supervise their own children inside gymnastics gym during OpenGym.   OpenGym time is available everyday, check out the latest gymnastics schedule to find out more on the time slots.

Here at Young Explorer we intend to create a joyful environment where children would just want to stay and have fun!  Classes are based on per term which consists of a 12 weeks program.  Our age-specific program ensures children can progress at a suitable pace, and level.  Our classes have low ratio of kids to instructor to ensure children get enough attention from the instructor.  Never forget that here at Young Explorer we have experienced recreational & competition coaches that fully qualify to nurture your child in beginning, intermediate, and pre-advanced level of gymnastics.  Therefore you can enjoy your time watching them practicing while sipping a cup of coffee or take a bite at our café!

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